Animating the Ancient Gods (Sonya Nevin, University of Roehampton)

Senate House, London; November 19th, 2014 at 5pm

Think you can do better than Disney? This session will explore the potential of the vase animations created by the Panoply project ( for enriching the teaching and learning of ancient Greek religion. Current animations include mythical scenes depicting key religious moments, including Herakles wrestling and Achilles and Ajax gaming; scenes of gods, including Aphrodite admiring herself and Persephone’s abduction; and ritual scenes of a soldier sacrificing and performing a hepatoscopy.The session will be led by the project’s co-creator Sonya Nevin who has wide experience teaching ancient religion in HE and in using animations as a teaching tool with BA and school students. Sonya will discuss her experiences teaching through animations, and will lead a discussion of the benefits of this approach and of alternative approaches and applications. For hands-on experience of the challenges and opportunities of this method, participants will have an opportunity to design a story-board for a vase animation.If you plan to attend, it would be helpful if you could let one of the organisers know (see top), so we can keep track of numbers (but this is not essential).TLAR is planning to hold a seminar twice a year (Autumn and Spring/Summer); if you’re interested in presenting or want to suggest an event, please let get in touch.

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